Activities around

Our Résidence Miro is ideally situated in the Var department between the Gorges du Verdon and the famous beaches of the Côte d’Azur. In the middle of the towns of Nice, Aix en Provence or Cannes, you can easily go visit around and discover beautiful Provence, too. There are countless activities around that area!

Discover the 23 villages of our region, called La Dracénie

We invite you to visit “our” village: Les Arcs sur Argens. Discover the chapel of Sainte Roseline with its mosaik of  Chagall and the medieval quarter Le parage are worthit a visit

Do a one day trip to the Verdon Gorges. Just one hour drive from the Résidence Miro we suggest a trip eather all around the Gorges or only the left or only the right boarder

The Lake de Sainte Croix is the largest of the Verdon lakes. The tale of the lake heads back up into the Verdon gorges at the Pont de Galetas in the northern part between Aiguines and Moustiers Ste Marie which are very nice villages to visit.From the Résidence Miro you drive one hour to get there. Rent a boat or a paddle and discover beautiful nature. One of many beautiful activities around!



An excursion to Saint Tropez should not miss on your schedule for your vacations. Park your car in Sainte Maxime, take the Bateaux Verts to Saint Tropez and avoid any trafic. You will have a beautiful view on the Golfe de Saint Tropez! Stroll through the small streets of this wordfamous village – a lot to see!

Beeing in Provence you will like to stroll through the typical markets and buy great fresh food and souvenirs. Every day there is a market around our place. You can find the list here

One of our must-do activities around is the beautiful city Nice. And it is only 1 hr per car away.

Nice has a thousand surprises in store … its monuments, churches, gardens, the footpaths which link the surrounding hillside to the city centre, but also its museums, its artists, its local crafts, its internationally renowned gastronomy with its unmistakeable flavours of garlic, olive oil and basil, as well as its folklore …

It will also seduce you by the beauty of its neighbourhoods, its unique light and its gentle climate



Le Thoronet Abbey is a former Cistercian abbey built in the late twelfth and early thirteenth century, now restored as a museum. It is one of the three Cistercian abbeys in Provence, along with the Sénanque Abbey and Silvacanen, that together are known as “the Three Sisters of Provence.”

Le Thoronet Abbey is one of the best examples of the spirit of the Cistercian order. Even the acoustics of the church imposed a certain discipline upon the monks; because of the stone walls, which created a long echo, the monks were forced to sing slowly and perfectly together.

The Abbey is 27 km from Résidence Miro

Take the car along the Massif of Esterel between Saint Raphael and Cannes and enjoy the nice colours of blue and red.

If you prefer to take it easy, you can take the train in Les Arcs and go there by train. You will have the wonderful view on the sea and the red stones and arrive in Cannes or Nice or even Monaco for a stressless visit

The island Porquerolles is a must during your vacation! One hour drive, 20 minutes per boat and you arrive in another world. Forget about rushy life, rent a bike and visit the island or just walk to a beach and relax!

Grasse: THE place for all parfum-Fans, only one hour drive from our Résidence.

Visite famous Factory and/or Museum Fragonard and learn the way a parfum is created. In the end of the visit you will arrive in the shop of Fragonard and you will have a choice between hundreds of parfums

Discover the old town of Grasse and see the part of Grasse where the book Le Parfum of Patrick Suesskind plays


Aix en Provence: What a beautiful town! Visit the Cours Mirabeau, the Fountain La Rotonde and all those other fountains , each one with its own history! Ideal for shopping, too ,-)

Cézanne fell in love with Aix en Provence. You will meet his memories allover, you can visit his atelier and you will understand, why he loved so much the flair of Aix.

Have a look on this link and don’t miss anything while visiting, only 1 hr drive from our place

The Principality consist of the old town Monaco, situated on top of the rocks and the new district Monte Carlo. All the big and luxurious brands can be bought in Monte Carlo. Don’t miss the tour to the top rock of Monaco, which you can reach by a lift. The oceanic museum, the Monte Carlo Story and the changing of the guards is great to be watched. Guided tours to museums and exhibitions, garden and grotts offer a colourful round dance for everybody.

By 1,5 hr drive you can go from Résidence Miro to Monaco – or go there by train