Familienbild der Familie Graton

We are looking forward to welcoming you at our Résidence Miro and will do everything to make you happy and feel comfortable like at home

We are happy to tell you a bit about ourselves, so that you know everything about us and who you are staying with.

Since 1996, our private home is also our job. In 1996, we lived at the Ivory Coast in Africa and ran a small hotel and restaurant on the seafront in Assinie. In 2000 our daughter Camille was born there. Unfortunately, the political situation in the Ivory Coast was becoming uncertain and so we left our beloved Africa in 2001 and made the move to France where we operated a holiday apartment facility in Grimaud, in the magnificent Gulf of St Tropez. In 2004, our twin boys Tobias and Mattéo were born there.

Since 2007, we are proud owners of the Résidence Miro in Les Arcs and are happy to see many regular guests year after year.

We speak German, French, English and a little Spanish and like it especially when the guests are mixed nationalities. Our hospitality is indeed global and our intent is to create a uniquely comfortable, memorable exerience for each of our guests.

Sabine is a qualified hotel expert, has learned the business at Steigenberger in Germany from scratch, has gained professional experience in Switzerland, the US, Germany, Ivory Coast and France. She is German and since 2010 also a French citizen. Since 2006 Sabine has persued further learning as a Reiki Master and in 2019 added learning in the use of Bach Flowers and since the end of 2020 she is BFRP (Bach Foundation Registred Practitioner).

Benoit is originally from the technical field, traveled extensively for 20 years and has worked in numerous countries around the world. Since 1996, Benoit applies his global, technical and operational experience to the hotel business, but beside the work at Miro still working independently.

While working at Résidence Miro and building our hospitality business, our family grew up! Camille is now 23  years old and working as a commercial in the winebusiness. The twins are 19, Tobias is a treeclimber and Mattéo lives in Paris learning the show-lightbusiness. The family also includes our black cat Zorro. Our loving Golden Retriever Lady Fun unfortunately passed away in June 2023.

If you would like to find more about us, don’t hesitate to contact us directly!



We look forward to welcoming you and say: A bientôt at Résidence Miro